Não é um blog.

Old post rescued from my old site.

How to manually register the AMD AHCI drivers after XP install, as the drivers are not detected by the F6 "add driver" on installation.

I spent half a day to find this, so I thought I should make a post that maybe google can index and help others find it.


My openwrt router (a loved TP-Link WDR4300) has this WPS button. Let's make this a little more useful than just being there doing nothing.

I have a guest network on my router. It is password protected (WPA2), bandwidth-limited, internal network isolated, all the yada-yadas. When I give my passphra...

Vindo de HTML puro, pro dokuwiki, depois pro bolt, agora meu site está no grav.

Vou migrar meus posts antigos pra cá.